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Lovely #IindigoVision

Since the age of 7 when first getting home piano lessons until the age of 12 blessed with such a gift from my grandmother who saw something in me  .She has sung for MCA records , Death Row , Ruthless Records and MC Hammer , has also done several hooks and production for other indie artist . Starting off as a musician which then grew to create her on smooth sound with melodies and beautiful spoken word ,becoming as known today "Lovely" started writing poetry at the age of 12 and has not looked back looking to one day create a poetry book . She has performed at several events and open mics including LV Soul Sessions. Releasing her Debut Album "Dreams of my Piano " released on all social media sites 11/21/2018 releasing upcoming Album "Unspoken Love" (a neo soul spoken word album} expected to be released 04/2018 . Lovely has also been on several internet shows "Battle of the Sexes " . Kut it or Keep it" and now joining RPEntertainment existed to take this journey and share beautiful experiences with beautiful and new and dope Artist !!!




2 Things you will hear people say about me

1). I am crazy cool chick

2). very passionate about music

When I’m not on-air I’m usually: Im usually creating music and spoken word

First thing I notice on a person is : Is there hair.

In my car you will always find: Change lol

Secret Obsession(s): Chocolate and making music

Fave place to shop: Producers Loops

I Love: Music

I Hate: Negative Energy

Fav Tv Shows: Different World and Burn Notice

Ghetto Meal: syrup sandwhich

Fav Concert in the last 3 years: Back to the 90s R&B tour (jon b , blackstreet, genuwine , swv ,teddy riley , faith evans)

1 thing you probably didnt know about me: I dont eat ribs nor do I really like soul food

Past Interviews


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Minister John E Ross
Street Bud So So Def The Rap Game
Keyon "The Comic" Haynes
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