Kena Renee

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2 Things you will hear people say about me
1). I love God
2). I have heart
When I’m not on-air I’m usually: Working or taking care of my beautiful children. 
First thing I notice on a person is : Their eyes
In my car you will always find: Car seats Lol.
Secret Obsession(s): I looooooove the smell of the cool stuff that comes out of the freezer.
Fave place to shop:
I Love: BCBG 
I Hate: Dress Barn
Fav Tv Shows: Jane the Virgin
Ghetto Meal: Uuuum I don’t have one. LOL!
Fav Concert in the last 3 years: I’ve only been to one concert.
1 thing you probably didnt know about me:  I’m a pretty good dancer

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