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Welcome to my first official blog. Today I will be providing a little information on presentation. I

Title: The Link-Syndrome

I suppose you are thinking, “what is the link syndrome”? The link-syndrome is artists sending a series of links of their work instead of a proper Electronic Press Kit (EPK). Imagine someone walks into your office and they are wearing sweat pants, flip flops, and a suit jacket all the while asking for an executive position. You ask the person for their cover letter/resume and they don’t have one. In the same token why would you, the artist, go into someone’s office (including email) asking for an executive position with only links? If you were the executive in this position, would you have them wait while you look at the links or would you tell them that you will be in touch? Many top executives give time to links if they specifically request them. You as the artist are your company and the work and image you present is your brand. How you market and sell yourself as the artist (your company) should be reflected in your EPK. How do you expect people in the industry to know about you? How do you expect to get booked for live performances? You as the artist, as a brand, have to present yourself as a finished product and that starts with a good EPK. Just as a resume is essential to inform an employer of a potential employee’s suitability to their company, so is an EPK to potential employers in the industry. Your EPK presents potential employers with your body of work. Your links should be embedded within your press kit, along with your bio, and other relevant information. Working along with your manager and lawyer will prepare you to the next level of the music industry, maybe ADD Adventures by Chris Gotti. Nobody knows your work like you so you can create your own press kit on sites such as Sonicbids or check out the Book Our Services on the home page. The question you should ask yourself is do you have the link-syndrome? Remember to Like, Subscribe, and Share Ms. Roni’s Blonde Intelligence

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