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11th Annual Hip Hop Awards

It is official!!! The 11th Annual West Coast Hip Hop Awards will be held in Seattle, Washington on August 4th, 2018. I had the pleasure of attending the 10th Annual West Coast Hip Hop Awards this year in Oakland, CA. I must say the atmosphere was cool and everyone was very welcoming. Awards were given to Mac Dre’s mother in his honor and Mc Hammer for the Lifetime Achievement Award. The performances ranged from Suga T to MC Pooh engaging the crowd with “Fuckin With Dank”. A few indie artists performed, one in particular on his grind was Big Boi Montana out of Missouri. The show was broadcast live from the radio station Cannabis 101, so you know it was kush talk. Kurupt’s Moon Rocks are doing great things for women. I won’t spoil what those great things are, but it’s something for women to think about!!!! The founder of the West Coast Hip Hop Awards, Octavious Miller, has revealed the Down South Hip Hop Awards to be held in Houston, TX. For more information on performances, media, and venue contact Octavious Miller at This is an event that you don’t want to miss!!!!!! Remember to Like, Share, and book our services on Blonde Intelligence with Ms. Roni

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