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“Bringing It To The Table” Reality Cooking Competition

Many times, when we think of Chefs of color we think of Bar-B-Que and macaroni and cheese, but that is a stereotype. My awareness of this stereotype was the basis of the blog for this week. I am sure that you have heard of “America’s Top Chef”, but have you heard of “Bringing It To The Table”? The talented Chef MiMi who is featured in this week’s blog has been on one show and is the star, executive producer and creator of the other. Chef MiMi is from the Oakland, California area, a graduate of a prestigious culinary school, and has won several culinary contests. Chef MiMi is a skilled culinary professional who has been featured in Ebony Magazine and Cuisine Noir. “Bringing it to the Table” Reality Cooking Competition is a unique cooking show that allows talented Chefs to compete to get better. I’m sure you are wondering how? The concept of the show is to have talented chefs to compete to fine tune their skills, not be eliminated. The concept is for each chef to succeed. Chef MiMi feels that her show fosters social awareness while introducing a style and flavor never seen before in the culinary industry. Chef MiMi describes “Bringing It To The Table” as exciting, obscure, and unpredictable tests of taste and technology both inside and outside of the kitchen. Move over Snoop and Martha!!!! The official launch of the six-episode show is November 23, 2017. To watch the official trailer and get familiar with the cast of “Bringing It To The Table”, visit

Chef MiMi


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