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Do I Know You?

“If you don’t learn how to market yourself, your ideas, your vision, your purpose, and your business, then your life will be limited.” Germaine Moody-LinkedIn        "Do I know you?” I have noticed that many artists have many components of the 4 P’s of marketing, but still are missing key elements. If you don’t know the 4 P’s of marketing they are: Product, Price, Place, and Promotional Strategy. Many artists have the product (your music), the artist also has the price (how much you sell for), and sometimes the place (distribution, performances, etc.). How much thought is given to the last P in the 4 P’s of marketing, the promotional strategy? Your promotional strategy is how you advertise your product.        Google’s definition of marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Some, but not exhaustive, ways of advertising are social media, geo-fencing, live performances, and promotional merchandise. When conceptualizing your promotional strategy meta-cognition is involved, if it is not you need to rebuild your team…ijs. Meta-cognition is thinking about thinking. When thinking about your promotional strategy several key people on your team should possess the level of Higher Order Thinking, thinking beyond basic comprehension. The reasoning is because most people never reach this level of thinking. The thinking involved in Higher Order Thinking is critical, logical, reflexive, meta-cognitive, and creative. If you feel that you have this thought process involved in your promotional strategy a good checklist can be found on I recommend it because it lists several marketing tactics and ideas that give information on everything from prelaunch to free promotional channels.        The question should be a statement, “Hey, I know you…”. How you market yourself and your promotional strategy determine if you get a question or a statement. I am just giving what I think and please feel free to comment or even disagree 😊.

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