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dee Brown: “Hey Baby”

Today’s blog will be a little different and I truly would like to give you a gem. When you think of a classy event, what comes to mind? Food and music…right? I may be biased, but to me an event is not upscale without Jazz. Normally when I plan an event I use Jazz by Streetwize, if there is not live entertainment. Streetwize utilizes different genres of music and remakes a jazz version of the record. I then heard some of dee Brown’s creations and immediately thought that for live performances his style of jazz is supreme for upscale events. He is one of the talented jazz guitarist of today. I had a chance to speak with Mr. Brown and one thing that stood out to me (besides his first name is not capitalized) was his professional presence. Many times, artists suffer from an imbalance between business knowledge and talent. Mr. Brown professional presence exemplified his knowledge of business as well as his awareness of his talent. Mr. dee Brown is signed to Innervision Records and has a new single available now entitled “Hey Baby”, which also debuts on Smooth Jazz chart: dee Brown is available for bookings and tours

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