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New Music Business Technology...Labels Watch Out, More Changes Are Coming In the Music Industry

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This week’s Blonde Intelligence Blog is on new technology in the music business. I am always researching new technology in business and with music becoming more technologically dependent it makes sense to see what’s out there. Amper is a music tech startup company that empowers artists to create and customize their music for content through an artificial intelligence composer. Another is MAX (Music Audience Exchange), which is a platform that connects streams, video views, social media sharing, and live shows for analyzing data points. Dubset is another music tech startup. According to, Dubset offers an innovative music marketplace for distributors, artists, labels, publishers, and DJ’s built on transparency, ownership control, and simplicity. And of course there is Tunecore in which artists can stream on ITunes and others without backing from the record label.

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Now there are application integration deals that move the parts of music and advertising such as Spotify and WAZE, Apple Music and Ticketmaster, and Echo and Amazon (Alexa). Blockchain Technology is peer to peer sharing with decentralized crowd funding. Blockchain Technology also essentially removes record labels and other centralized platforms. If you are an artist, new technology can remove the gatekeeper from the door that you are trying to enter. If you are in the music business I suggest you take heed to the new technology because new technology can be perceived as a threat in your S.W.O.T Analysis. It seems that technology is taking the power away from the record labels which means that record labels may become obsolete in the near future.

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