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Robert Paul’s Wicked Weed: The Deadliest Crop 3D Movie

September 13, 2017


No Bumass-Ness All Hussle No Handouts!!!

       You probably have heard of Wicked Weed Enterprises, I Hustle, Wicked Weed Lifestyle https://www.facebook.com/wickedweedlifestyle/, Wicked Weed University, or the Wicked WeedHead Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/weedheadslv. All are creations of Mr. Robert Paul. Wicked Weed: The Deadliest Crop 3-D Movie is a horror/comedy and the latest creation of the Wicked Weed Lifestyle brand. I had the pleasure to sit down and talk with Mr. Paul about the movie, his long-time advocacy for marijuana, and his Wicked Weed Lifestyle brand.

       I first met Mr. Paul this year at the 10th Annual West Coast Hip Hop Awards in Oakland. During that meeting, I learned of his upcoming Wicked Weed Lifestyle project and I wanted to know more about it. Wicked Weed: The Deadliest Crop 3D Movie piqued my curiosity because of the title. When I talked to Mr. Paul I learned that Wicked Weed Lifestyle is an actual lifestyle and the movie is a manifestation of the Wicked Weed Lifestyle journey. Mr. Paul is passionate about his profession and his slogan “No Bumass-Ness, All Hussle and No Handouts!!!”, is his business model. So, you would expect this movie to be off the chain, right? Well you would be absolutely right. Enlisted as the director is Mark “DJ Pooh” Jordan from The Wash and the Friday movies. Enlisted as producer is Conley Abrams from the Nutty Professor and Death Row. Negotiations for global distribution were negotiated by Anthony Honeycutt (Blair Witch) of Branded Global. Yes, No Bumass-Ness, All Hussle and No Handouts!!!

Wicked Weed: The Deadliest Crop 3D Movie is about a group of friends in Las Vegas that went to a BBQ. At this BBQ, the friends sample the mysterious High-Grade Cannabis treats. During the smoke session, the friends are joined by DEATH, he wasn’t invited!!! Be prepared to get blown away with weed-humor, terror, and more. Wicked Weed: The Deadliest Crop 3D Movie coming soon!!! http://wickedweed3dmovie.webs.com/

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