No Home Training Exposed


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My name is Tiffany Williams most call me “Trea$ure Toothick Williams, I was born in
Fort Worth, but raised in Grand Prairie, Texas. At the very young age of 17, I became
pregnant at 18 years I became a single mother of a beautiful baby girl (Torrie). Once I
became a single mother, life became even more harder for me, so I choose to work as
an exotic dancer when I turned 21.  The dance world had its ups and downs but for the most part it always seemed to get the bills paid.  From Grand Prairie I ended up moving to Dallas Texas, (The Big D what a lot of people that live there call it).
   When I first moved to Dallas I was like a cat in head lights. I was open to any and everything that I could get into, and that’s when I met my last 2 children’s father (Jaden and Dadria).  He was really a life lesson to me because he taught me how I did not want a man to treat me ever in life or my daughters.  It really took me a lot to get away from this guy but with strong prayer I end up making it out of this domestic violence situation.
   After knowing what exactly that I wanted in a man I found him! (Doodie) He came into my world and made me so happy because we could do anything through music.  He saved me from going back to strip club and he believed in me to do anything I put my mind to, that’s why I love him so much. We had the best life together beautiful home, beautiful cars, my career was great, anything I wanted I could have until my best friend was taken by the United States Marshall’s, my world was over!  Not really the material things but just having everything to share with him. 
   I am here now to share with you my story on the things I have experienced in life and the things I have accomplished.  I have worked from a stripper, a high school and college life coach, marketing rep in a billion dollar company to NOW ME LIVING MY DREAMS as a Radio Personality/DJ! At this point in my life I’m done with making others happy I just want to do what I love and maybe my dreams will help me heal during this process.  So I would like to present to you my show “Exposed No Home Training (It’s about to be lit)!  So Please Tune In and Thank for all your support and I hope you enjoy!

Things you will hear people say to describe me……..

I AM A Hustla  

Really Chill Person to Know



When I’m not on the AIR I usually?


Doing My Makeup

Talking Shitt

AT the Mall

Twerking To Trap Music


In my car you will always find a ………………………..

A Lighter

My Secret Obesession ………….

Exotic Cars

Being A Social Media Troll (Savage)

Favorite Place to shop?


Six 0 2


I Love



I Hate:


A Thief
Favorite TV Shows:

Love and Hip Hop



Tru Life

Ghetto Meal:

Chitterlings, Collard Greens, Cabbage, Corn Bread, Mac n Cheese, and Kool-aid ( tropical Fruit Punch)

Favorite Concert:

Have Not Been in A Long Time (Lil Wayne)

One thing you probably didn’t know about me……………….

I have been SEX FREE for 2 years now! or (682) 235-8829

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