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“Too Much Shit On My Mind and I Need To Get It Out” Arkansas Bo

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with the extremely talented and humorous, Arkansas Bo. His many talents include: painting, drawing, sculpting, and (in his words) some say he can rap. I asked why did he choose rap as his creative avenue of choice and his answer was, “too much shit on my mind and I need to get it out”. What intrigued me about our conversation was his intellect and how he articulates it into his lyrics. Yes, he writes his own lyrics, no ghost writing here!!!! He describes his style as “southern, fo sho, that talk about grown folks shit”. Since 2005 Arkansas Bo has released nine mixtapes, his latest has one of my favorite songs. I won’t tell you about it other than have someone you love close by, that baritone voice is going to get you 😊.

Another favorite song from Arkansas Bo, Don’t Make Me, which was inspired by T.I. swinging on Floyd Mayweather. Talk about articulating words. Check it out. He also has a serious side that exemplified all of his many talents in his video, Black Lives Don’t Matter,

Arkansas Bo opened my eyes to a stereo type that has been placed on hip hop. That stereo type is that hip hop is the only genre that has an unspoken age limit to entering the rap game. Not trying to offend anyone, things like “how old is he?” is asked in general. Arkansas Bo made the point that it is more acceptable if a blues artist, or a country artist, etc., enters the industry at a later age. Hmmmm? Arkansas Bo is available for all media opportunities, he can be contacted at Remember to Like, Share, Subscribe, Advertise, and Book Blonde Intelligence Services on

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