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Your Sauce Won’t Dripp Like A Boss Without A Marketing Strategy: Are You Paying for Any Promotion?

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“If you don’t learn how to market yourself, your ideas, your vision, your purpose, and your business, then your life will be limited.” (Germaine Moody-LinkedIn, 2017).

Welcome to Blonde Intelligence blog with Ms. Roni where I seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. Today subject is the value of paid promotion for independent artists. Google’s definition of marketing is the action of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. I hear many artists say that they dripp sauce like a boss so I like for them to tell me how. One request that I have when meeting with independent artists is for them to describe their process of releasing a project. In some cases, a budget for promotion is never mentioned. One artist told me that his promotion consisted of posting it on Facebook and hoping that someone would catch on. The artist’s strategy for promotion was hoping someone would catch on…there they go shittin me or kiddin me again. As I mentioned in a previous blog ( many artists have the product (the music), the artist also has the price (how much), and sometimes the place (distribution, performances, etc.). How much thought is given to the last P in the 4 P’s of marketing…….the damn promotional strategy?

According to Nielsen (2017) the music business is in a continuous state of change making it difficult to devise the best organized, realistic, achievable path to reach each milestone towards success.  One of those changes, according to Damien Keyes (The 3 Best Ways to Market Your Music in 2019!), is that Facebook changed its algorithms for reach, meaning only about 2%-6% of your followers see your post. You can see how that change affected that artist’s promotional strategy? Some, but not exhaustive, avenues for promotion and advertising are: Google/Affiliate ads, social media ads, geo-fencing, live stream performance platforms, radio promo packages, radio/podcast interviews, blogs/vloggers and promotional merchandise. A couple of suggestions that I have for independent artists are Socialive and  Socialive ( allows artists the ability to live broadcast across several platforms such as Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, YouTube Live, and Twitter all at once. According to Music Research (2018) 43% of the music industry overall revenue comes from live shows. Nielson (2017) predicted that by the year 2025 revenue from streaming will be 79% of all United States recorded revenue. Now throw in Covid-19 in that thang…. Dlvr.It ( allows artists to post to multiple social media sites, recycle posts , power schedule posts, and allow the artist to build on many different levels.

Your sauce won’t drip like a boss….or at all… without a marketing strategy…..

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About the Author: Ms. Roni is a Multi-Talented Professional, Blogger, Manager, Tastemaker, Publisher, Strategist, Talent Scout, and owner of Blonde Intelligence LLC

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