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  • Aisha Ms.Roni Robinson

Graduating Into the Real World

It’s graduation season!!! There are graduations from pre-school, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, middle school, high school, college and so on. One of the most significant is graduating from high school. Graduating from high school comes with going to prom, getting senior pictures, applying for college and or employment. It is one of the milestones that traditionally goes along with the transition into the real world, better known as adulthood. FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, spoke at one of my graduations and one thing she said that stuck with me was that earning would come eventually and never quit striving because success would come. Our young people face many obstacles so we should celebrate our graduates. There are many proud parents and grandparents out there, know that even after graduation you are still the most instrumental instrument to our youth’s educational journey. I don’t want to dwell on the obstacles that new graduates face, but to celebrate the accomplishments of all the graduates!!!! Congrats from Blonde Intelligence 😊. Remember to Like, Share, and Subscribe to Ms. Roni’s Blonde Intelligence!!!

Model: Kayla Banks

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