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LaDarius Drevon Skelton, Co-Offensive MVP for the Fullerton College Hornets

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. LaDarius Drevon Skelton, I like to call him Mr. MVP. LaDarius is a quarterback and current Co-Offensive MVP for the Fullerton College Hornets. LaDarius began to showcase his talents in a major way as Quarterback for the Pine Bluff Zebras beginning in the 10th grade. His skills led the Zebra’s to the state championship three consecutive years in a row!!! He shared that one of his most disappointing moments was that first championship game. He felt like he let his team down. I would say that he made it up to them. That following year he led the Zebra’s back to the Arkansas State Championship, secured the victory, and was named MVP of the Championship. Oh yeah, and he did it again the next year!!! LaDarius winning back to back championships and his applied skills, was honored with the 2015 Landers Award.

After graduating LaDarius was a red shirt for one semester at Coffeyville College in Kansas. Then Coach James Griffin of Fullerton College in California saw Skelton’s highlights and within three days the decision was made to be a Hornet. Currently he leads the Hornets in Rushing Yards (1,112 with 18 TD’s) and throwing 992 yards (9 TD’s and 3 Interceptions), helping the Hornets to break school records in football. LaDarius is also a mentor. He is a mentor in the Mt.Olive Drug and Alcohol Prevention Mentor Program. He also mentors in his personal life. He knows that many young people in the community look up to him and he wants to be an example because he is not a man of many words. He has a strong support system in his family. His grandmother, Shirley Cline, shared that one of her proudest moments was seeing LaDarius comfort a rival team member helmet to helmet on the field after a game. She also shared that she buys him new gloves every game because he gives them to a young fan after each game 😊. His mother, Sian Cline, shared that words cannot explain how proud she is of him and that her and her family will continue to get soaked in the cold and rain to support him.

In January LaDarius will be transferring to Southern University and A&M College. I’m sure he will be breaking records there!!! Watch the interview with LaDarius below!!!

Image courtesy of Sian Cline

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