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The Industry: Friends and Money???

Get that piece of paper (the contract) and then there will be no bullshit.                          ~Octavius Miller        Can friends and money co-exist in the industry? I once interviewed someone and they made a comment that someone they considered a friend cut him out of a deal to make money. He said because he considered the other person a friend that he had to say something. The other party supposed response was, “I didn’t make that much money anyway”. Hmm, is that how the term “it’s only business” came about? When does “it’s only business” destroy the very foundation of friendship? Is it when money cuts your friend out of the deal? Is it when the agreement was verbal and you can get out of paying? Is it lying about the money is going to a Pay Pal account? Is it taking longer than necessary to pay?        According to Forbes, What Makes A Contract Valid, all that is necessary for most contracts to be legally valid are: · All parties are in agreement with the offer and acceptance (Will you do this? Yes, I can.) · Something of value has been exchanged (services, time, money, etc.)        Does the contract have to be in writing? Forbes informs that in some situations a contract has to be in writing. Here comes the doozy. In the world of technological advances, emails, text messages, and IM’s are all written and if you agree, accept an offer, or receive something of value through these means it will hold up in court. Do you think friends can mix with money in the industry? If not keep your receipts, emails, and text messages because “It’s only business”. Feel free to comment, share your experience, or even disagree 😊. About the Author Aisha “Ms. Roni” Robinson is a multi-talented management professional and a Writer/Entertainment Blogger. She has several advanced degrees and uses Higher Order Thinking Skills to write informative content to showcase her blonde intelligence. Please remember to like Blonde Intelligence, Share, Subscribe, Advertise, and Follow on Social Media 

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