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Your Daughters Will Get Treated How You Treat Women, That's Karma

Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.

~Lucy Benzilin

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What is karma? Many people answer with, “karma is a bitch”. The basic concept of karma is getting what you give. Karma is unintentional, meaning that no one plays a part of the dish that is served, but you. It’s your energy. We know the Law of the Conservation of Energy, that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it just changes to another form. Newton’s Third Law of Motion is for every action there is an equal AND opposite reaction. Karma is that equal and opposite reaction. Karma is Nemesis the Goddess of Revenge. So, when you say “karma is a bitch”, now you know why 😊.

I was reading one of my previous blogs, Less Than Dirt, and started thinking about some of the frustrations women have had with men this year. I thought about some of the women and their issues with men on reality TV shows, social media beefs, people I know, and even some of my own past experiences. If I never learned anything else from a Tyler Perry Play, I learned that men know when they do wrong, they will act like they don’t as long as they can get away with it. Sorry men, I have to tell the truth 😊.

If you read my previous article, “Less Than Dirt”, a comment that a man made was, in his life it was his daughters, his music, then his woman. Another comment from that article was that he did not give a f%@k about nothing his daughter and his dirt. Shall I go on? Another comment was nothing but his daughters and his music. See the common denominator?

Make good karma with your energy. Men think about if it were your daughters when you want to be disrespectful, have your special way of having triplets and quadruplets, refer to her private parts as cottage cheese, sleep with best friends/sisters, or decide to treat her less than dirt? Remember energy only changes to another form and that karma is a bitch.

Please feel free to disagree or comment, but most definitely share Ms. Roni’s Blonde Intelligence!!

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