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Moor and Dozrvision

This week’s blog is to introduce a new edition to the world of Hip Hop. Omar Mendoza of Dozrvision and Tommy Moor, better known as Moor. Omar is the manager of new hip hop artist, Moor. I got a chance to see Moor’s first live performance at Club 428 in Little Rock, Arkansas and was very impressed. I actually was impressed by many things.

Dozr and Moor began their Hip Hop journey in August of 2017 after randomly meeting each while conducting unrelated business. In making small talk they began to speak about each of their current ventures. Those ventures happen to fit together like a glove. Moor was new to the hip hop industry and had recorded and mastered his first song. He was looking for someone to shoot his video. Omar had recently started a career in videography. At the time Omar had shot his first video from a cruise vacation, in which he was the total creator from beginning to end. Both were impressed with each other skills and thus their journey began. Here is a bonus from Moor!!!

Dozrvision work...

I see talent in both of these young men. Moor’s next live performance will be February 3, 2018 in Fort Smith Arkansas at Dysengage.

To book Moor contact him at or his Facebook Fanpage at JustMoorOfficial

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