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Mt. Olive C.O.G.I.C ROY Collaboration with Youth Group, Gloves Not Guns!!!

The Mt. Olive C.O.G.I.C. Refurbishing Our Youth Program has teamed up with youth group, Gloves Not Guns. The collaboration is to help curve underage drinking and encourage positive life choices. The ROY Program (Drinks ? Drugs? Nah!) is currently recruiting participants. . The collaboration between the two organizations focus on character building, youth leadership, parent/child interaction, physical fitness and activity. The event itself took place this past weekend in Pine Bluff, Arkansas at the Merrill Boxing Center. I can see the strength-based component of each program by the large turnout of parental participation. Good job!!! Coach Brewer said he wanted to promote self-discipline, positve self-efficacy, and healthy lifestyle..


If any youth or their parent want to be a participant in ROY contact Lavern McDonald at To participate in Gloves Not Guns please contact Coach Brewer at (870) 329-3875.

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