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The Strong Leadership of the Parkland Students

A comment that I heard from a guest on one of the major news networks appalled me. Seriously. The man said that students do not have the capacity to organize a political event. Another commentator said that “In this political age the students are acting like leaders and the leaders are acting like children.” My heart goes out to all of families who lost loved ones at Parkland School. It seems that tragedy sparks action because the students are aware and asking for what they want, ACTION. I do not know any of these students, but I am proud of them as if they were one of my own. Their knowledge on political issues seems to be higher than the average adult in America (just my opinion), The conclusions that can be drawn are (1) They are a bright talented bunch of children (2) They have some great teachers/educators (3) They have caring, nurturing, empathetic parents. These young people are aware that they are future leaders and the power the have. When young people are fighting for justice and equality, watch out world. Good job students!!! Yes, they have the capacity to organize an event….I believe in them.

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