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The Standard of a Phenomenal Woman, Ms. Kimberly M. White

This week’s blog is on a very phenomenal woman, Ms. Kimberly White. She is an artist, and educator, and a mentor. I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. White on last week after viewing a documentary on her that she co-created. Kimberly shared her emotional scars and journey of being in an unhealthy relationship that lead to depression. She shared her experiences and physical scars of becoming overweight and developing health problems, which added to her emotional trauma. Kimberly also shared her spiritual journey and how her support circle was important on her journey. Her circle includes both her mother and father, step-mother, her pastor and his family, and special family and friends.

On this journey Kimberly temporarily lost her mobility and ability to care for herself leaving her with a life changing decision to make. She had to decide to have gastric bypass surgery in which part of her stomach was to be cut out. She had to weigh the safety risks against her life. She stated that the process in her decision-making process involved heavy input from her support circle, the people whom she knew loved her.

For as long as I can remember Kimberly had a love for drawing and art as a whole. Kimberly used art to positively channel her energy. Many people internalize their struggle and develop destructive behaviors towards themselves and others. This is not the case for Ms. Kimberly M. White!!!! She externalized her struggle to achieve positive outcomes through art and shares her triumph with anyone who needs her. She has always had a warm spirit and a soft heart. I label her a phenomenal woman because through all that she has been through she still has joy and spreads her light. #Facts. Maya Angelou wrote in her poem, Phenomenal Woman, “Pretty woman wonder where my secret lies”. Phenomenal Woman is about a self-confident woman and expresses it to the world with class, style, and grace just as Kimberly. Kimberly's secret lies in her soul. She is extraordinary and a remarkable woman because her focus is to help others despite her own trials with life. In her own words she states, “You never know what a person is going through and I may be the encouragement that they needed for that day". In my expert opinion that makes Kimberly a phenomenal woman.

Soon Kimberly will debut some of her original art pieces, watch out world!!!! She shared that the counseling she receive at Arkansas Baptist Health was wonderful. Shout out to Arkansas Baptist Health in Little Rock, Arkansas. Please let her story be an inspiration to you 😊.

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