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Criticism, Constructive-Criticism, Destructive-Criticism

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Hello everyone. This week’s blog is about criticism. According to Merriam Dictionary the act of criticizing involves observing unfavorably. I taught a class that teaches criticism in negative and confrontation is positive. The reasoning is criticism focuses on the negative that confrontation is positive and promotes clear understanding between two parties. According to Business Dictionary, constructive criticism usually ends with suggestions of positive change. describes another type of criticism, destructive criticism. Destructive criticism is described as criticism performed with the intent to harm someone, derogate one's creation, prestige, reputation and/or self-esteem.

So, if a professional provide criticism how do you take it? How do you determine what type of criticism is being provided? If you are a professional how do you give criticism? How do professionals handle the confrontation process of their criticism? Just food for thought, be conscious as a professional between constructive criticism and destructive criticism because it matters in the confrontation process.

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