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The New Breeze Money Team Playback Indie Artist Video Show!!!

The Breezy Money Team out of the Tampa, Florida area has done it again!!!! On tomorrow Thursday, March 29th 2018 the Breezy Money Team Playback video show will debut. The show can be found on the Spectrum, Frontier, and Comcast Broadcasts. The show can also be streamed on The founder and executive producer of BMT Playback is Mr. Ike Breeze Burner, who also co-host of the show along with his artist, Hollywood, who is signed to the BMTMG Record label. The Breezy Money Team Brand consists of the BMTMG Record Label, BMT Urban Team Footwear, BMT International Apparel, BMT DJ’s (each with own radio show), BMT Advertising Agency, and now the Breezy Money Team Playback.

The Breeze Money Team Playback video show is for Indie Artists. BMT Playback feature videos from selected Indie Artist with an option for a Takeover show, which consists of two full episodes on one featured artist. Co-host and Executive Producer of the Breeze Money Team Playback, Ike Breeze Burner, has vast experience in the Hip Hop Industry. Mr. Breeze actually won a $100,000 project at the BET Hip Hop Weekend Showcase that was held in Atlanta for Ball So Hard. Co-host, Hollywood is a vocalist out of Mississippi. His latest single is “Ryder” which is available digitally worldwide under Breeze Money Team Distribution. Ryder was recently selected for possible placement on the hit series, Empire!!!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Breeze and was impressed with his business mapping skills and how I could envision the flow charts he described for the Breezy Money Team Brand. The Breezy Money Team is all in house and proven professionals. Engineering, mixing, graphics, advertising, and more are all done by the Breezy Money Team. This is a strong indication of a company that stands behind their product. With a team this sound and a stellar reputation in the industry, I think the Breezy Money Team Playback video show will discover many diamonds and next big sensations in the industry. I asked Mr. Breeze what information Indie Artists should know about Breeze Money Team. He said, “In the words of my homie Suge, if you’re tired of your executive producer dancing in your videos, call BMT”.

Don’t forget to tune into the Breezy Money Team Playback video show tomorrow night, March 29, 2018 at 11:00 pm EST on Spectrum, Frontier, and Comcast Broadcasts or streamed on As always remember to Like, Share, and Subscribe to Ms. Roni’s Blonde Intelligence 😊.

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