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Fathers In Hip Hop, It's Justified

This week I had a chance to speak with Compton native Hip Hop Artist, Justified. I was very awed with his mission for his role in Hip Hop. Justified’s mission is to bring positive light to fatherhood. In Hip Hop many times the glamorous life is shown, but artists are people too. A post that Justified made on Facebook caught my attention.

Of the many things that I like about Justified’s movement, one in particular is the underrepresented authenticity of Fatherhood in Hip Hop. Justified and his wife were rap duo, Mr. & Mrs. Smith out of Victorville, CA. A few years ago, Justified lost his wife to breast cancer, leaving him to raise his two young daughters while still grieving the death of his mother. Justified began to merge Hip Hop and fatherhood to share the real reality of fatherhood in Hip Hop. Beyond Hip Hop, fatherhood or the absence there of, matters in every family dynamic. In his song, My Life, he details his journey. He shared that his older children really stepped in as his foundation and support system. As part of Justified’s movement, this Saturday on April 7th, 2018, he will be filming the documentary, Fathers In Hip Hop: Volume 1, in Riverside, CA. I support this movement, I am excited to see!!!

Justified has collaborated with many other parenting organizations such as; Million Fathers and Daughter’s Lives Matter. Another of Justified’s efforts in which he is collaborating with Mc Eiht and Tha Chill of Compton’s Most Wanted of bringing positive light to fatherhood is his 2nd Annual Daddies on wheels event.

Daddies on Wheels is part of Justified’s Heal the Ville project. Daddies on Wheels is a fatherhood engagement skating event where sponsors donate for the admission and skate rental of a child to attend. What I love about Justified’s movement is that he is healing children who have lost a parent, parents that have lost a spouse, or lost a loved one through some type of separation through his challenges. He is not only bringing a positive light to fatherhood, he is also showing the positive light to fatherhood in Hip Hop. Great work!!!! His graphic skills are off the charts right!!! You can sponsor a child to attend Daddies on Wheels by going to http://gofundme.com/healtheville


Graphics for his New Single.

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