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West Coast Hip Hop Pioneer, OG Duv Mac

This week’s Blonde Intelligence Blog is on Long Beach by way of Compton West Coast Hip Hop Pioneer, OG Duv Mac. According to Urban Dictionary a team is your crew or your click and a Faultline is where earthquakes occur with the greatest impact. Just as Hip Hop is the crew that created the greatest impact which occurred on the West Coast, the crew with one of the greatest impact’s is Team Faultline Enterprises. TFL Enterprises consists of Team Faultline Records, TFL Kadonia Beats, TFL Apparel, TFL Champagne and Wine Line, and the CEO of course is Mr. OG Duv Mac himself. Beyond being the nucleus to TFL Enterprises, Duv Mac is a director, songwriter, producer, actor, and activist.

Duv Mac is a member of the DPG and the Nationwide Rip Riders. He is one of the original founders of the United We Stand Movement. The United We Stand Movement is the legendary movement where the Crips and Bloods of Los Angeles truced and recorded the infamous Bangin on Wax. Duv Mac has released several albums including The Epiphany of Duv Mac.

Duv Mac has worked with many industry hitters, from G-Celly to Nicki Minaj. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. OG Duv Mac on this past week and I can tell that OG Duv Mac is still at it. OG Duv Mac has several artists signed to Team Faultline Records with releases scheduled in the immediate future. As well as his upcoming release, OG Duv Mac will be performing July 21st, 2018 with DJ Quik in Memphis, TN. OG Duv Mac is also going on tour in Germany with Azmarellda Blue and Papa Dad starting the end of July 2018. Can I say movie??? Yes, a movie is coming too! For more information on Team Faultline Enterprises go to

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