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Blonde Intelligence's Female So Gone Challenge Picks

This week I wanted to focus on Female Hip Hop Artists. I remember watching a So Gone Challenge on Facebook and I was blown away by some of the talent I saw. When I decided to write this blog I knew one artist in particular that had to be one of my picks. She goes by the name of Bad Azz Becky. Bad Azz Becky is a very versatile artist. She has a beautiful singing voice, an exceptional tone, and can flow!!! Beck's challenge will be followed by Yxngqueen. Yxngqueen reminds me alot of a Mc Lyte. Yxngqueen seems to exude a quiet confidence. Last but not least is MzGemifly.. She is right at home with her unique style and grace. I hope you enjoy and remember to Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe to Ms. Roni's Blonde Intelligence!!!!

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