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A Star on the Rise: Unwine With Tasha K

This week’s Blonde Intelligence Blog is on Unwine With Tasha K. Unwine With Tasha K is a vlog on YouTube that is gaining some serious traction. She is very humorous and intelligent as well as courageous. Her signature slogan is “hit the wine glass”. When you’re hit with her investigative receipts the audience is to “hit the wine glass”. Although she spills the tea, she has integrity. I can see her in many roles, anything from as a stand-up comedian to business consultant. She is a Pisces Floridian woman. According to, Pisces women are naturally creative and are attracted to both sides of the camera in the entertainment industry. Researchers from the University of Cambridge, Maastricht University, Hong Kong University, and Stanford University study concluded that profanity is associated with less lying and deception and that there is a consistent positive relationship between profanity and honesty (Blair, 2017). Look out for this lady, I think she has great things to come. Here is another sip of the wine.

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