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Hot New Mainly Hip-Hop and R&B station with a live feel that takes song requests and shout outs 24/7 on or you can tweet @RPEntReqstLine. Everyday we play Gospel music starting at 5am-9am (CST), Funk, soul, jazz, and R&B from 9am- 11am (CST) we play Soul, Funk, R&B, and Rap from 11am - 2pm (CST). We play hip-hop from 2pm - 6pm (CST) trap music 6pm - 8pm (CST) Indie artists 8pm- 9pm (CST) House, Bounce, & Go-Go 9pm - 10pm (CST) and Slow Jams at 10pm - 2am (CST). Anytime between these times its mainly Hip-Hop & R&B (The Mecka). Also Everyday at 8am CST we have our Real Talk Sessions, with T'Bella (#7minTeaTalk) 12pmCST, Make sure to email if you looking for spins or air time!!! ALL request are welcome including Spanish songs, pop, blues, and/or rock.

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