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Lex Luga

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Lex Luga “Da Backwood Ambassador,” is a 21 st century brand innovator, marketing expert, music
business entrepreneur, and syndicated radio personality, who has built a platform for branding and
promoting ground- breaking talent on a level that has impacted today’s inspiring entrepreneurs and
talented music artists. He is one of the most influential tastemakers in the Southern Region. His
multidimensional approach to the underground music business and his production expertise is a force to
be reckon with as he recognizes and successfully manages the pendulum of break through artists at an
unprecedented level. He has branded his own path and founded his own artist soundstage, The Hood
Idol Tour. The Mississippi native redesigned the approach of discovering unheard talent creating a sound
stage for uncharted audio & music while promoting venues that empower authenticity in artist
Lex Luga “Da Backwood Ambassador” has over 20 years of music industry experience in many capacities
including radio & tv personality, FM Radio Program Director and Station General Manager, TV Host,
Artist Manager, and Record Label CEO. Before embracing his industry name, Lex attended Jackson State
University where he obtained a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. He
used his networking skills and his vast knowledge in music and marketing to break artists in the
Mississippi area before expanding to other regions in the US.
Lex Luga genuinely cares about how his platforms and products are perceived. He has served on a
multitude of different music panels all over the country and to date he continuously teaches the
business of the music industry with some of the most notable music industry moguls in the world. As a
successful entrepreneur, he owns and manages several corporations including the SSC Marketing Group,
Hood Idol the Magazine, Hood Idol Radio, IT’s Lit TV, and Juke Joint TV. Lex Luga “Da Backwood
Ambassador” is the radio personality for almost a dozen stations within various markets in Europe, MS,
FL, TX, OH, NC, TN, IL, GA, and AL.
Lex Luga’s hard work and dedication in the music industry has been recognized around the country. His
drive and ambition have been recognized with several nominations and industry awards. He has been
nominated for over 100 awards and has won close to half including the 2022 Radio Personality of the
Year, Industry MVP of the Year 2018-2021, Hottest Movement of the Year, Record Breaker of the Year,
Major Impact of the Year, and Platform of the Year. He has also received over 30 plaques for helping
artists chart.
Lex Luga has created a networking niche in the music industry that has proven to be successful for many
rising artists using various media platforms, social networks, record labels, promoters, DJ’s, bloggers,
and magazines. His professionalism and purpose in this industry has been clearly defined by his due
diligence and hard work within various communities, tour engagements, and participation in various
outreach events. He has skillfully mentored many in the music industry helping them develop a cutting-
edge spin on their visual identities and artist branding. At an early age, Lex Luga learned the importance
of faith, hard work, and goals. He lives by a creed that includes staying true and investing in yourself,
putting God first and family second, and never losing site of the goal because with commitment to this
path, money and success will surely follow. Whether overseas or within the US, Lex Luga has defined a
new era of artist promotion and development and he is just getting started.

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