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Professional Communication “We don’t beef on social sites, we just hit our target…Respect your hustl

       Imagine you are a business person looking for recommendations to enhance your business. You get a great recommendation and do your due diligence by reference checking that recommendation. In the world of technology, it is easy to do a Google or social media search on a person/company. Depending on the type of business you’re in, what is found could attract more clientele or repel potential clients. Let’s say you find on social media a beef between two business professionals and both are being extremely rude to each other. Would you want to work with either? According to your professional communication will help or hinder your career, so make sure your words are working in your favor.        According to Nordquist (2017) professional communication is various forms of listening, writing, and the response in person or electronically in and beyond the workplace. Just in this last month I have read things on social media between professionals like “I will destroy you” and “I will destroy your career”. I have read some posts of professionals calling each other names and cursing each other out. Really? Realistically if you had that power then why are you still working? First of all, if there is a dispute or miscommunication between professional business associates, why does social media have to know? In life anger is a natural emotion, but it is how you handle that emotion that is important. I include social media, email, videos, as well as INTENT in professional communication. Your professional communications are a reflection of your brand. In the words of Too Short, “Don’t be stupid though cause when you waste it….you’ll know”. Ask yourself if your words are going to make you money or take your money…j/s. Feel free to comment or disagree 😊. 

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