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Marijuana and Our Black Men: The Real History of Illegalization

I will let you do more research on the real history of the illegalization of marijuana because I don’t want to focus on the negative. I just have a message for our black men. Black man, just like cannabis is one of nature’s best example of the survival of the fittest so are you. Black man, just as cannabis can flourish under every climatic condition, so do you. Black man, just as cannabis sprouts from the earth defiantly, arrogantly, confidently (Abel, 1980), so do you. Cannabis does not share its sunlight or territory, and neither do you black man because you are a king. I have spoke to several women about their relationships and a common theme was “girl, sometimes I go get it for him” or “I have it ready for him when he gets home”. I have had one women to tell me that their relationship was better when he used marijuana than when he quit. So, we know that marijuana is a part of black culture, but it was a part of all culture since before 7000 BC. In the black community cannabis has done what it always has throughout history, help man survive life and take care of his family through various means. In an article on, It states that the history of marijuana’s criminalization is fueled in racism, fear, protection of corporate profits, yellow journalism, corrupt legislature, and greed. I decided to blog based on a post I saw on Facebook and had to fact check. My only thought is women support your men and especially in the cannabis industry, which is becoming the cash cow. Invest in stocks, businesses, and projects relating to cannabis. I wanted to get some real out there for you. Don’t forget to like, share, follow or to agree/disagree 😊.

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Image retrieved from Medical News Today

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